Crisiswear and COVID-19

How We're Working to Keep Our Customers and Staff Safe During This Global Pandemic

Workforce Distribution

Unlike other companies that employ US based manufacturing solutions, Crisiswear uses a studio/artist based approach. This means that we can distribute our workload between on-site studio staff, and contractors who can work for us from home. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we worked quickly to move most of our production out of the studio, and into the homes of our employees—in some cases even loaning out sewing machines and other specialized equipment. This flexibility has allowed our employees to stay productive and safe during this time.

Studio Safety

For those who still operate out of our studio we are working to keep them safe by:

  • Implementing a strict hand-washing protocol, and deploying multiple decontamination and hand sanitizer stations for all of our employees. Their use is mandatory and monitored.
  • Decontaminating exposed, high traffic surfaces like doorknobs, counter-tops, work and cutting surfaces regularly.
  • Keeping our active stitch stations more than 8' apart at all times.
  • Mandating that those who are sick, or exposed to those who are sick, to stay clear from the Crisiswear studio for at least 14 days, or until they are cleared by healthcare professionals.

Sanitization and Clothing

We are also taking steps to ensure that the clothing we are shipping out is clean, by regularly sterilizing our packaging area, and handling clothing and packaging materials with extreme care. Like other viruses, the Coronavirus can survive on different surfaces for differing amounts of time. However, due to the porous, inhospitable nature of fabric, the viability of viruses on fabric surfaces seems to be extremely low.

Regardless, we ask that our clientele be as careful handling received packages from us, as they would from Amazon, USPS or any other carrier, as the outside of the package has likely been touched by multiple hands during its journey.

A Final Word

We stand in solidarity with other small businesses, and especially brick and mortar concerns like bars, restaurants and other public facing, retail establishments. These businesses often do not have the savings, or logistical ability to weather a two week closure, much less a multi-month one. We would ask you to do the best you can to support your favorite (and most vulnerable) local businesses during this time.

Thank you for your ongoing support, trust and business.

The Crisiswear Team