Crisiswear 2.022

We're Going in for Repairs

We've been a made-to-order retailer for over 20 years, which is fine when you are shipping out 20 to 30 items a month. But as demand has grown for our gear, our get order > make order > ship order model simply couldn't keep up, resulting in delays that piled on top of delays.

So You Can Say Goodbye
To Waiting

If you've been on our site recently, you may have noticed that a lot of our items are out of stock. This is because we are focusing on finishing outstanding orders and stocking up our entire store. We know it's a drag right now but when we're done, you will be able to shop with confidence knowing that your item will ship right after you order it. Exciting right?

Get Ready For Limited Drops

Moving forward, our gear will appear in limited runs, or drops. So make sure that you are among the first to get your hands on what you want, by following us on social media.

And Don't Miss Out

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