Fabrics and Finishes:

Cotton Twill
Twill is a majority cotton based fabric, named after the diagonal, parallel rib style of weaving used to construct it. These tight ribs give the fabric a durable, attractive quality that shows less dirt and staining than regular fabric sheet cloth. Twill is also better able to resist--as well as recover easily from--wrinkles and creases. 

For Twill: Machine wash in cold water, tumble cool or lay flat to dry. Cool iron if needed.


The H2OUT® finish is specially engineered to keep you comfortable and dry during even the most strenuous physical activity. Its hydrophilic action disperses moisture over the entire surface of the fabric. Perspiration is then transported away from the skin, promoting quicker evaporation and helping to control body temperature, therefore maximizing performance.

The finish is formulated around a unique, proprietary polymeric compound which is insoluble in water yet very soluble in polyester, nylon, and acrylic at elevated temperatures, behaving like a physical polymer “graft”. H2OUT® is worked deep inside the fiber to promote quick evaporation of moisture, while its technology helps protect against tough stains.

The treatment is durable even after repeated home and/or industrial launderings. It also has energy saving properties as H2OUT® treated fabrics reduce required dryer time by 30%.

65% Polyester 35% Cotton

For H2OUT® finished clothes: Machine wash in warm water and dry with durable/permanent press settings. Do not use liquid or paper fabric softener products.

As a boutique fashion retailer that has to purchase relatively small amounts of fabric, we sometimes find ourselves with subtle variances between orders. This means that from time to time, our greys, blacks and olives can shift slightly in tone and texture. To keep you apprised of what fabrics we are currently stocking and what they should look and feel like, we will keep our current fabric swatch updated on this page.

Behold, our current color swatch