Our Story

Hard-headed and hard-bitten, we refuse to compromise when it comes to our craft.

Handmade for Over 20 Years

Crisiswear was founded in 1999 by Matt Deponte, our head designer and at that time a part-time bouncer at Chicago's legendary Neo nightclub. Surrounded and inspired by the neo-gothic, industrial aesthetic of the club and its patrons, Matt found extra work moonlighting as a part time designer and maker of specialized cyberpunk and industrial style clothing and accessories.

Bit by bit, and piece by piece, Matt's name spread throughout the Chicago club and alt fashion scene; and before long he was too busy making gear to spend his evenings tossing rowdy drunks into the street. Crisiswear opened commercially at the Flatiron in 2001 in Chicago's Five Corners district, and has since spread to encompass multiple retailers and a global audience.

What Goes Into Crisiswear?

Ethically Sourced Fabrics

From fire-art friendly natural cottons, to DWR coated specialty tech-fabrics, we source exclusively from US based companies who pay fair wages.

Raw Creativity

Whether it's actual, functional pockets on women's gear, or magnetic closures, we never stop innovating when it comes to merging functionality with style.

Artisan Talent

Our employees aren't simply clock punchers. They are talented artists who work with us to design, iterate and perfect everything that emerges from our line.

What Our Customers Are Saying